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Firstly, congratulations on releasing your third solo album “Input/Output” back in September. How has your production developed since your last album? Do you find it enjoyable making an album rather than EP?

I have been producing music for around 20 years now, and I feel that making albums is a great way to evolve musically. For me it’s a pleasure as well as challenge to make tracks that I would normally not release on EP’s. I think that every artist should make an an album. Its easy to make singles, but its much more challenging to produce a cohesive album that people can listen to from beginning to end. With regards to my workflow and production, the only way that It has changed in recent years is that it’s more computer based than before. I still use lots of analog synths, but for compression and eq’s etc its all inside the computer. I try to use technological advances to my advantage rather than trying to sound old.

The album contains all original tracks with no collaborations – will you be looking to work on any kind of remix packages? Can you let us into some artists who you might be working with?

I am very happy with the people who will remix tracks from my album. I like and play all of their music and I respect them a lot as well: Laurent Garnier, Kenny Glasgow, Victor Ruiz, Pig&Dan, Julian Jeweil, Shaded and Kaiserdisco ☺

If you could collaborate with any artist – who would it be and why?

Grace Jones, because I love her voice and aura. She is a true icon and trendsetter.

You have played at Rex Club before, so we are really happy to welcome you back – what can we expect from you when you play on the 18th November?

I cannot wait to come back to play at Rex. Its one of the most legendary clubs in the world, and It s a huge pleasure and honor to be playing there again. I will prepare a special set for that night, and might drop a few classics as well.

You are currently in the middle of your worldwide album tour, how do you prepare for such a huge tour? Can it be enjoyable or a little lonely?

I just try to balance my life and try to be home as much as possible. Obviously this is very difficult as I have 50 gigs in 25 countries. Sometimes it does get a little lonely, but most of the time It’s really nice to meet old promoter friends as well as new people. I love touring around the world, because I learn a lot from the people I meet and it keeps me motivated to make music as well .Also it’s a little odd, but after all these years of constant touring you kind of get addicted to touring. When I’m home for longer than 2 weeks I really feel the need to travelling again.

Tronic is now considered one of the most successful Techno labels of its time, sitting at No.2. What is the ethos behind the label? And what releases can we look forward to going into 2017 – any new artists?

My goal with Tronic is the same now as when I started it 20 years ago. To release music that I play in my DJ sets, and to be open minded and release anything between house and techno. I think one of the reasons the label has been so successful over the years is because I am not a purist when signing music and never looked to make money with Tronic. I always looked at the label more as a labor of love.

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